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Eduardo explained that while their primary focus is working with women with breast and cervical cancer, as well as young women affected by hpv, they decided to support Dengue relief efforts due to the significant impact on the population this year. She mentioned that their mission, composed of doctors and medical students from the University of Miami, will visit Miches, La Altagracia Province, from December 26 to 30. In addition to their regular activities, they will visit the Robert Reid Cabral Hospital to provide medicines for Dengue symptoms, medical supplies, and disposable hospital materials. They will also distribute toys to bring smiles to the children they attend.

Dr. Floren, a pediatric-perinatologist at the Miami hospital, emphasized that charitable activities and donations contribute to the sustainability of their efforts over time.

The Consul of the Dominican Republic in Miami, Geanilda Vásquez, attended the event and praised the organizations for their efforts in raising essential aid for the most vulnerable population, especially given the high incidence of Dengue this year.

Based in Miami, Florida, we area a coalition of health professionals, students, and community leaders who unite to make a difference. To achieve our mission, we will organize a minimum of three medical mission trips to the Dominican Republic throughout the year on dates to be determined. It is vital that we collaborate with local healthcare professionals and organizations to ensure the sustainability and long- term impact of our efforts. Thus, we will form local alliances with healthcare professionals and community leaders in the Dominican Republic. Our project will focus on cervical cancer screening and breast cancer screening, as this is a global health issue where we can have a more significant impact by reducing the prevalence of advanced-stage cancer in women. We will address this health issue by offering women screening for cervical cancer and breast cancer and providing education on the importance of routine screening and self-exams.

Representatives from both entities, Mayra Eduardo from Amigos Unidos por la Salud, and Dr. Angélica Floren from Friends United, attended the "Christmas Fundraiser" event with their respective teams, who will soon be traveling to the Dominican Republic.

Vásquez acknowledged the dedication of these Dominican doctors and medical students and community Leaders are supporting the country with love for their homeland. She expressed admiration for the young people dedicating themselves to helping children by providing medicines and toys during this holiday season.

Highlighting the importance of assistance amid the Dengue cases in the country, Vásquez emphasized the need for collaboration from everyone.

Digna Cabral, Vice Mayor of the city of Doral, Miami, commended both foundations for their focused missions and their support in the fight against Dengue. She mentioned her role in connecting the entities with willing donors who are ready to support with donations.

The event included a motivational lecture by cultural manager Freddy Ginebra, and the closing performance featured merengue artist Julio César Méndez (La Pureza del Merengue), a key supporter of the Amigos Unidos por la Salud foundation.

The "Christmas Fundraiser" took place at the Wewmann Alumini Center, University of Miami, located on the Coral Gables campus.

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