Our Mission

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Our organization is dedicated to delivering essential primary healthcare services to underserved communities in the Dominican Republic and South Florida. Our mission is to tackle healthcare inequalities both locally and abroad by increasing access to primary healthcare, educating our patients, and raising community awareness about critical health issues.

Based in Miami, Florida, we are a coalition of health professionals, students, and community leaders who unite to make a difference. To achieve our mission, we will organize a minimum of three medical mission trips to the Dominican Republic throughout the year on dates to be determined. It is vital that we collaborate with local healthcare professionals and organizations to ensure the sustainability and long-term impact of our efforts. Thus, we will form local alliances with healthcare professionals and community leaders in the Dominican Republic. Our project will focus on cervical cancer screening and breast cancer screening, as this is a global health issue where we can have a more significant impact by reducing the prevalence of advanced-stage cancer in women. We will address this health issue by offering women screening for cervical cancer and breast cancer and providing education on the importance of routine screening and self-exams.

During our medical mission trips, we will conduct health fairs that span several days, offering a comprehensive range of services. These health fairs will be organized into specific stations, enabling us to collect thorough patient histories, conduct necessary diagnostic tests, provide accurate diagnoses, and administer appropriate treatments whenever possible.

An example of the health stations we aim to set up include:

  1. Patient Registration
  2. Initial Health Assessment
  3. Vitals station
  4. Women's Health Education Station 5 – Breast Cancer Screening Station
  5. Cervical Cancer Screening
  6. Final evaluation of the doctor

Our goal is to impact inequalities in healthcare outcomes in our underserved communities. We will make that impact by detecting preventable diseases and coordinating the care of people who need treatment with local physicians. Through our philanthropic efforts and the combined efforts of our community partners, we will bring the necessary diagnostic tools and medications to use during the medical mission.

On subsequent medical mission trips, we will broaden our focus on health issues as we become more informed about pressing health issues in these underserved communities. With each mission trip, we will become more prepared and better equipped to offer complete care to communities that would not normally have access to this essential care.

For patients we treat during our medical mission events that require follow-up treatment that we are not equipped to provide on-site, we will coordinate their follow-up treatment with local health professionals and coordinate the continued

Meet Our Team
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